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Verkoper: amaze-tech-deals (1) 100%, Objectlocatie: Mesa, Arizona, Verzending naar: US, Objectnummer: 254001835868 Welcome🙂 HELLO I APPRECIATE YOU CHECKING US OUT AT AMAZE-TECH THERE IS A LOT OF READING BELOW CAUSE THERES A LOT YOU NEED TO KNOW EVEN MORE SO WHEN ITS AN EXPENSIVE PURCHASE BUT TO SUMMARIZE OUR SYSTEMS ARE WHAT YOU BUY IF YOU WANT THE ABSOLUTE BEST STREAMING EXPERIENCE AND MEDIA CENTER ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD THAT YOU WILL NEVER NEED TO BRING IN FOR UPDATES OR SERVICE THAT IS HASSLE FREE WILL UPDATE ITSELF AND WILL RUN THE SAME TODAY OR 10 YEARS FROM NOW AND BE CAPABLE OF STREAMING ANYTHING YOUR HEAT DESIRES IN 4K DEFINITION AT 60fps FLAWLESSLY WITH NO PAUSING OR BUFFERING THAN THIS IS THE SYSTEM FOR YOU THIS IS WHAT MY COMPANY DOES AND WE DO IT BETTER THAN ANYONE ALL OUR SYSTEMS COME WITH FREE LIFETIME SUPPORT AND CUSTOMER SERVICE AND THE LARGEST COLLECTION OF STREAMING SOURCES AVAILABLE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD WE HAVE OVER 5,500 MEDIA SYSTEMS WE HAVE SOLD RUNNING ON OUR SERVERS AS OF NOVEMBER 2018 IVE BEEN IN THE BUSINESS 20 YEARS AND HAVE 7 BRICK AND MORTAR SHOPS IVE ALSO HELPED DEVELOP SOME OF THE BEST MEDIA APPS ADD ONS AND APK’s ON THE MARKET ON TOP OF ALL OUR SYSTEMS COME INSTALLED WITH MY COMPANYS PERSONAL PRIVATE APP STORE FOR OUR CUSTOMERS ONLY WITH EVERY APPLICATION FOR STREAMING THAT MEETS OUR STRICT REQUIREMENTS TO BE PUT IN OUR STORE AND IS UPDATED DAILY THAT WAY IF AN AMAZING NEW STREAMING APP IS AVAILABLE ALL OUR CUSTOMERS WILL GET AN ON SCREEN NOTIFICATION TO DOWNLOAD THE APP FREE OF CHARGE ALMOST EVERYTHING WE INSTALL ON OUR SYSTEMS ARE EITHER PAID APPLICATIONS OR DEVELOPER VERSIONS AND THE PRICE IN THIS LISTING IS THE ONLY MONEY YOU WILL EVER NEED TO SPEND PERIOD FOR THE LIFE OF YOUR SYSTEM ONE OF THE APPS WE INSTALL ON OUR SHIELDS THAT I HELPED DEVELOP JUST RAISED ITS MONTHLY RATE TO $50 FOR THERE ON DEMAND AND LIVE TV PACKAGE WHICH YOU GET A LIFETIME PASS INCLUDED WITH YOUR PURCHASE AND THAT IS ONE OF THE 20+ STAND ALONE (not add-ons within kodi) APPS INCLUDED WITH YOUR PURCHASE ALONG WITH THE 4 MEDIA CENTERS (check photos) WITH 4 SEPARATE BUILDS This listing is for the absolute best streaming and cord cutting device available anywhere 10 times more powerful than those cheap “dragon-box” systems they charge insane prices for or smart stream boxes which sale for $449.99 and have 1gb OF RAM and 8gb of memory simply cause they give you a few of the paid apps our systems have lol these systems have 3gb of ram and either 16gb or 500gb of storage and will loaded with over 200,000 files apps and programs IF YOU JUST WANT A BREAKDOWN OF THE PRODUCT AND WHAT IS INCLUDED SKIP TO THE BOTTOM SIGNS ALTHOUGH WE RECOMMEND READING EVERYTHING SO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE GETTING AND WHAT YOU ARE PAYING FOR THANK YOU FOR TAKING A LOOK 🙂 FIRST -THIS LISTING IS FOR THE PRO MODEL NvIdia Shield WHICH HAS 500gb OF STORAGE SPACE WE ALSO OFFER THE BASE MODEL WHICH IS 16gb OF STORAGE SPACE FOR $425.00 Any scammers thinking of hitting the buy it now button thinking they will be able to get my private seller info do not bother just because my business account is new to eBay does not mean that I am I’ve sold thousands of items and scammers will be reported instantly thanks And for those Leary buying from a new account let me assure you we never have would or even think about doing our customers wrong in any way shape or form we thrive on repeat business and word of mouth and have thousands of extremely happy customers that will vouch for our company 100% and we can and will gladly give references to any buyer that requests until this account gets established I promise you will not be disappointed with our products service or support and agree that our systems was the best purchase you have ever made like all of our customers thanks again any questions don’t hesitate to ask thank you for checking us out here at Amaze tech deals we strive to give our customers a truly amazing cord cutting experience without sacrificing video quality or feel like you are downgrading who says that when you cut the cable cord and step into the future of at home entertainment that you won’t have streams of 4K quality at 60fps or if you do it will buffer so much that you want to pull your hair you shouldn’t Have to feel like your downgrading or feel like since your cutting the cable you have to compromise and your going to get buffering,pausing,slow low quality media or anything else that unfortunately most people have been programmed to believe is a sacrifice they have to make in order to cut the cord first let me say that is 100% complete and total nonsense that has become a reality to most users simply cause they are over paying for $20 cheap android streamers that has about the same technology inside as your grandfathers flip phone and Not only do I feel for those people but it’s an outrage that so many people out there right now are scamming either non tech savvy people or people that don’t understand how it works it enrages me when my customers come in and say I paid $100 or $200 or whatever for this box going off the word of the seller that it’s the best around when in reality it’s a $10 android box from China that is also giving Legitimate company’s and products a bad name not only should you not have to sacrifice ANYTHING when cutting the cable including quality loading buffering or any other problem but you can in fact and should get more than what you have now at higher quality I hope that myself and our company can add you to our family and show you what home entertainment systems SHOULD be i know this is a long explanation but I am very passionate about my business customers and products now below is what our company gives you with your purchase and yes you are going to pay more initially as we all know you get what you pay for and what you are getting with us is unlike any system you’ve seen used or otherwise besides that you are not getting illegal stolen content from free applications you are actually getting content from paid sources that is completely above board and you have lifetime access for the one time price above that includes everything listed from credible providers on secure private servers reserved solely for our customers the purchase price also includes unlimited access to our online store each acct will get there personal pin-code to access our store so they can stay current on any new apps we add free of charge for life please understand that with us you are paying more because you are getting 100% legitimate media from the company’s not from 3rd party apps that steal copy written content and leaves users in risk of fines or even jail time nothing on our systems are illegal or immoral in any way so what you are paying for is not only better faster higher definition content run from private servers but peace of mind that you are not breaking the law below is what your system will include please let me know if you have any questions we offer lifetime 24-7customer service to all our customers also any special requests since all our menus operating systems and layouts are done completely custom to fit our customers needs we can add or subtract almost anything you would like within reason for no additional cost we also can set these up in any language necessary including TV movies games sports etc. but all systems will come with almost 200,000 live HD channels in every language but again any requests or questions please ask we can also handle large orders for hotels,office,resale,etc our company based out of Salt Lake City Utah has been in media entertainment and theatre system installations for over 35 years and work with most movie theaters in the US more likely than not if you have been to a movie theater you have seen some of our work we also do digital platform design server management computer programming and products ok now onto what you will get with your purchase also the pictures in the link is photos of a system I just finished so the menus can be changed if requested but the content will be the same also in the photos you will se some of the free gaming that will come with your system but that’s a long list and this is just a couple pictures so every game for every system computers included going back to the first game ever made and ended till now as you read this you will have on your system also there is a couple of photos showing the 4K streams that you will get so you can see the quality of the picture again this is only the tip of the iceberg it would take a complete series of novels to list everything our systems come with and a lifetime of scrapbooking to show pictures of all the different menu types and operating systems we have made for clients but hopefully this will give you the info needed to get an idea of why we are the best as for the newborn account with no reviews yet we had a concrete exclusive deal with another online marketplace that we have been dying to get out from underneath and thankfully we now have and can spread our knowledge and our passion for providing the best in high quality amazing media gaming and music systems and open up no contract unrestricted open entertainment to people all around the world STOP HERE FOR ITEM SPECS SOFTWARE AND EVERYTHING INCLUDED WITH YOUR PURCHASE ⬇️ What you get and what to expect: First of course you will be getting the shield system itself which is equipped with the TegraX1 processor 3gb of ram 16gb memory (500gb memory with pro version) 256 core Maxwell GPU full 4K definition at 60fps Dolby atmost and DTS-X surround sound and chromecast technology which allows you to stream your computer games thru shield or you can cast from your phone/tablet to the shield or from your shield to any smart tv in the house or back to your tablet so you can continue watching in any room or on the go both pro model and 16gb model comes with the same hardware only difference is the pro model comes with a 500gb hard drive rather than 16gb the shield will also come with both a media remote and a game controller which is rechargeable and has a headphone jack for private listening which mutes the TV and plays in your headphones only there is a small difference here as well with the pro model it comes with a rechargeable media remote with a headphone jack in both media and game controller the 16gb version does not have a jack in the media remote only gaming controller and it’s not rechargeable but the battery life is extremely long both do come with a charging cable which can plug into back of shield or any USB the shield also comes with a 1 year warranty thru Nvidia for replacement and 3 year technical support and repair that’s the items that is included with your purchase BE AWARE THE Nvidia SHIELD DOES NOT COME WITH AN HDMI CABLE SO YOU WILL EITHER NEED TO BUY ONE YOURSELF OR YOU CAN BUY ONE FROM US EITHER WAY WE RECOMMEND BUYING A 4K CAPABLE HDMI Along with the shield itself and items in the box your purchase also includes the following 1: we will go thru each shield adjust the settings for optimal gaming/Streaming/home media such as cache buffer size which files to allow thru the shield to protect from virus window scale server links platform size window scale and speed etc. these settings and servers have been tweaked and gathered over 10+ years of media installations 2: we install plex home media servers for easy and smooth media playback throughout all your in home devices 3: we install set up and give you lifetime access to around a dozen movie/tv show/cartoons/music/sports/ppv/documentaries and more check photos above to get an idea of what’s included these are not cheap slow over populated or crowded sources these are run on private servers with only the best download/Streaming links available 3 of these applications will be custom built for our customers to fit there needs with custom menu layouts and sections devoted to subject that interest you which is nice to have one for dad one for mom and one for kids or roommates family etc. you’ll also have applications with simple easy user friendly layouts with pictures of the media your looking for simply click and play which is pictured above as well 3: Next Gaming Nvidia at its core is a gaming company building the the most advanced graphic processors (GPU) on the market and for years has set the standard and raised the bar on graphic processing so of course it would be an insult to not include a gaming aspect the reason the shields is so great at Streaming home media etc is because of the high end hardware inside and the 256core GPU for graphic processing so a shield that is built to run the most graphic intense games on the market is not going to have much trouble playing a movie even in 4K at 60fps the shield is overkill for Streaming which is why it’s regarded as the best streamer available so with that your shield is going to come with a library of hundreds of thousands of games at your finger tips which you can see a small sample above in photos you will have every game for every system from the original Atari to PlayStation ready to play on top of that you will have every game on android market adapted to the shield and its controller (which we tweak and take care of to make sure the controller is set up flawlessly for App Store games) besides all the retro games and App Store games you also have App Store and Nvidia games built solely for the shield that is not available on any other systems on top of those games you’ll also get all the newest big title games for your favorite system which you can see above in pics including PlayStation Xbox Nintendo products but also PC games these are all already downloaded and formatted to play perfectly on the shield by us all you do is pick and play 4: we download and include paid add free versions of VLC-YesPlayer-MX player also lifetime gold access to our personal VPN which we install and set up along with many other media players vpns and other programs 5: besides all the adjustments to the settings we do and unlimited access to all our private outlets and applications for life free of charge your shield will also be set clean itself upon start up and shutdown and all applications ours or otherwise will be set to update automatically 6: we also offer 24/7 lifetime customer service to all our customers for any questions issues or problems which we will send you reminders and notices of upcoming updates and or changes that will be made thru our over the air shield operating systems or applications these reminders will be sent to the account we create for you after purchase while setting up your shield PLEASE UNDERSTAND EACH SHIELD IS BUILT COMPLETELY CUSTOM FOR EACH CUSTOMER FOR THERE NEEDS SO EACH SHIELD WILL VARY ON TIME TAKEN TO INSTALL SAID SOFTWARE DEPENDING ON CUSTOMERS REQUESTS SO TIMELINES WILL BE DIFFERENT FOR EACH SYSTEM DEPENDING ON QUANTITY OF SYSTEMS AND APPLICATIONS AND BACK ORDERS UPON PURCHASE EACH CUSTOMER WILL BE GIVEN A TIMELINE AND IF THE TIMELINE DOES NOT WORK WE WILL HAPPILY REFUND THE PURCHASE BEFORE ANY WORK IS STARTED IF STARTED AND CANCELLED OR IF A CUSTOMER DECIDES THEY DO NOT WANT THE SYSTEM WE WILL REFUND THE PURCHASE PRICE OF THE SYSTEM ITSELF BUT LABOR AND SET UP FEES WILL NOT BE REFUNDED AND THE SAME GOES WITH ALL OUR ORDERS EACH SHIELD WILL BE TESTED TO BE IN PERFECT WORKING ORDER WHILE DOWNLOADING THE CUSTOMERS REQUESTS AND SETTING UP AFTER DELIVERY IF THERE IS ANY PROBLEMS WITH SHIELD CUSTOMERS WILL HAVE ORIGINAL RECEIPT WHICH CAN BE USED TO RETURN FOR A NEW SHIELD WHICH WILL BE RESTORED TO THE CUSTOMERS SETTINGS THAT WILL BE ON A BACK UP DRIVE OR THEY CAN USE TO GET A FULL REFUND ON THE SHIELD ITSELF EITHER WAY ANY LABOR AND SET UP FEES WILL BE FORFEITED UPON DELIVERY OF THE SHIELD There is much more that I’m forgetting about but if there is something missing that you would like ask and if it is not already on our systems we can accommodate most requests Please read and understand what you are buying and make sure this is something you want once ordered each system is customized to YOUR wants and needs so there is absolutely no refunds the shields do require high speed internet connection it does have dual band WiFi and an Ethernet connection even though we try to make our systems as user friendly and worry free as possible understand that if you are not tech savvy that it will take a while to get used to and understand the system but we are happy to help you are paying for the shield and our time and labor to set the shield up for our customers we DO NOT recommend or promote using your system for pirated or illegal media and once out of our care we have no control over the content our customers are receiving therefore carry no liability and offer no outlet for any illegal activity our systems are set up with fully LEGAL programs WITH NO illegal copy written downloaded if our customers choose to use there system for such it is completely out of our hands and against our recommendations Condition: New, Brand: NVIDIA, Model: Nvidia Shield Pro, Storage Capacity: 500 GB, Media Streaming: Home Network Media, Features: 4K, Max. Resolution: 4320p, Color: Black

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